By Lisa Noe


American singer-song writer, record producer, and actress, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, is one of the best-selling music artists of her time. Her music and lyrics are generally contemporary R&B, hip hop, and soul, though she creates such dynamic music based on her every day instinctive and insightful feelings. It all began when she was born on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas. In 1995, after moving to and back from Atlanta to try and gain recognition from a record company to form a girls entertainment group, and eventually getting turned down, Beyonce and the other girls signed a contract with Columbia Records and became a group that is today know as Destiny’s Child; Beyonce was the lead singer. After several successful years together the group split and went solo. Beyonce went on to pursue her acting career and continue in singing, releasing her first solo album in 2003. Additionally, Beyonce has produced her own clothing line, became involved in many promotional deals and endorsements, and provides funds for various charities. Her success has led her to receive many nominations, awards, and achievements. As of April 2008, Beyonce is married to rapper Jay-Z, and pregnant with his child as of August 2011. In 2012, it will be marked as Beyonce’s 15th anniversary in the music industry; she has become a musical inspiration among many other contemporary artists.

Humanistic and Existential Approach to Personality
“Trust is really important, just in relationships in general. I really don't like people that aren't real people around me at all. I don't like people that are 'yes' people. I don't like people that tell me what they think I want to hear.” (Beyonce Knowles)

The aspects of this personality approach are based on any type of core questions that are unique to how an individual goes about answering them. The fundamental aspects of life are about worthiness and meaning to who you are as a person and how you approach the life you live. Relating to this notion of meaning to the human value, existentialism is absent without a true meaning to human existence that is placed up against the world, and the importance it has on the values of humanism. It becomes important when using the phenomenological approach to analyzing one’s character to keep in mind the subjective reality to a situation and how another person may or may not feel. In this case, Beyonce’s idea of truth and living realistically is that the more mature she has become through various life experiences, the more real her lyrics are. Her beliefs are when writing a song, in order to expand truth to the words that are a based on her deepest thoughts; you must form a personal and natural connection between you and the other people you are working with. This is to essentially deal with the emotions of feeling vulnerable to such personal, real aspects of your life in order to gain a connection between you, your fans, and the outside world. The only way she feels secure in her career is if her songs are originated from her own personal thoughts and life experiences. Since her relationship with Jay-Z, it has altered her approach to writing lyrics for her songs, based on her newly innovated viewpoint on the relationship between men and women. For example, since her transition from single life to married life, she went from writing songs such as “Independent Woman” and “Survivor” to “Cater 2 U.” Now, you can see just by the titles of these songs that they are divided into two different styles of life – single and taken. Many people relate to these particular sorts of songs because they are so consciously realistic to most other humans. Perhaps she has become so successful and famous because of her existential approach personality that she allows to show throughout her career.

Moving onto the humanistic approach to personality, the importance of human value and the potential one has to succeed as a worthy human being really emphasizes on what their motives are through relations with other people. Beyonce encourages individuals, especially her younger fans, to always stand by what you believe in. According to Carl Roger’s analysis on responsibility, people have an inherent tendency toward growth and maturation, Growing up, Beyonce lost many competitions at a young age, and even got cut off by a record company in her early days when we she was in the girls group. An intrinsic force kept her moving forward to grow and mature in her talents, being where she is today. Even now, Beyonce receives negative feedback from those of others in and out of the spotlife. Though he denies it today, an example of this is Simon Cowell’s judgments towards Beyonce’s dancing skills, saying that she is boring and cannot even dance or sing, along with others who have noted on her weight, suggesting that she does not have a nice body and is chubby. Beyonce reflects on this idea of responsibility by fighting back, but with a class act. During an appearance on one of Cowell’s shows, Beyonce performed and Cowell was put in his place as he stated, she made him into a believer. He now views her as ambitious and talented. Beyonce took the responsibility into her own hands, and without even having to speak, but just sing, which is what he made fun of her for, she showed him her true potential to succession as a worthy singer and valuable human being.

The idea of self-actualization based on Humanism and Existentialism, described by Abraham Maslow, is the process of which an individual has an innate tendency to reach self-actualization through the hieracry of needs; self-actualization is at the very top. Someone who is self-actualized is considered to be loving, productive, ethical, creative, spiritual, and comfortable with whom he/she is. Maslow’s hierarchy consist of (from bottom to up) physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness and love, esteem needs, and self-actualization motives. Beyonce addresses each of these needs through different aspects of her life, but I say belongingness and love, esteem, and self-actualization are all various aspects to Beyonce’s life that really differentiate her from everyone else. Belongingness and love: Beyonce comes from a very close family, and is involved with her family both personally and professionally (her father was her manager for many years). I believe at the end of the day, every famous person is looking for that love and affection from their fans to make themselves feel a sense of self worth in all the hard work they put into the entertainment industry. She is also married, with a baby on the way, and that shows plenty of interest for long-term commitment to love. Esteem (low vs.high): Beyonce not only deserves respect from others, but demands it, as well (Simon Cowell example). Again, just as every other Hollywood star, recognition, attention, appreciation, and dominance are highly searched for among fans and other stars that compete against. Beyonce has confidence when she performs and has never allowed herself to fall apart in the eyes of the spotlight. She is an independent achiever who once stated that the more money she makes, the more she wants a man; she is not a gold digger nor needs a man for his money. Self-actualization: Beyonce has successfully dominated the lower steps and has been more than productive with her life, and in doing so she realizes her potentials. Though her original talent was just singing, she broadened her horizons by landing deals involved in acting, brand promotions, designing clothing, etc.

Beyonce has approached the humanistic view of personality as it seems she is very happy, through the money making success in her career, happy marriage, and being healthy. This approach suggests that optimism is the end result to happiness and staying positive. Fulfilling certain achievements has allowed Beyonce to become much happier. Beyonce helps others though donating to charity, setting long-term goals such a future movie making business deals and a new record. Largely, Beyonce seems very much pleased with her accomplishments and lifestyle, but one has to say, she did earn responsibility and self-actualization in order to do so.

Trait and Skill Approach to Personality: The Big Five

The idea that characteristics, behaviors, and thoughts are all distinctively unique to each individual derived from a man named Gordon Allport, who created this approach through factor analysis. He used the Big Five to define one’s personality traits by narrowing down characteristics to five traits that consist of: extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness. These traits each define a person’s personality through various ways of their life, and allow one to get a more comprehensive understanding as to how they approach themselves, others, and certain situations.

The first trait, extroversion, I have to say that Beyonce scores in the middle between extroversion and introversion. Though her name is very well-known, she is seen all over the TV, and her life is debuted to the world, sometimes not all celebrities ask for that, though it naturally comes along with fame. Beyonce has done well with keeping her relationship with Jay-Z on the low; no one even knew they got married until afterwards, and as you may all know, this is very hard to accomplish living in the spotlight. However, Beyonce has a strong personality, is a leader and dominant in her career, and very social to the public.

The second trait, agreeableness, consists of friendliness, trustworthiness, modesty; it introduces one’s altruistic side. Beyonce is high in this category as she has never been heard or seen of starting trouble, doing drugs, etc. Even has a young girl, Beyonce could be trusted by her family as she always stayed away from bad habits. Her altruistic side shows when she gets involved in helping others through charity.

The third trait, conscientiousness, is another catergory Beyonce scores high in. It includes dependence, persistence, hard-working, self-motivated, achievement and competence. Beyonce made it all the way to the top of the charts throughout her career by working hard and being persistant, even after being turned down by other people and a record company. She never seems to give up and is very skilled in every aspect of her profession.

Beyonce scores low in the fourth trait, neuroticism, as it involves being emotionally unstable and there are signs of hostility, anxiety, depression, and vulnerability. She is a strong woman who I am sure has moments of weakness, but carries her own every time she is out and about. Though she had gone through “down” times in her life, she never referred to it as feeling depressed or anxious. Beyonce is a kind woman who is the complete opposite of a hostile, aggressive person.

In the fifth trait, openness, Beyonce scores high in some aspects and low in others. Openness consists of creativity, curiosity, and imagination. She is creative in her music, and uses her imagination to express her emotions in various tunes and settings. Her creativity also shines through her clothing line and brand promotions. However, Beyonce is not open about everything that goes on in her life. She is a rather private person who prefers to keep her personal and professional life separate.


When educating myself about Beyonce’s personality, I can see that the Humanistic and Existential, and The Big 5 both are based on her past experiences and determination for any future prospective Her past is filled with being a strong willed woman who will continue to push to be even stronger for the future. I learned new information about Beyonce, as well as gained more respect for her as a person. She is extremely hard-working and real about herself and to everyone around her. The core of her personality derives from the way she was raised and herself willingness to achieve higher and higher every year.


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