DJ Pauly D

By, Maura Lasky



Paul Delvecchio, also known as “DJ Pauly D,” is a famous DJ and reality television star on the hit show Jersey Shore. Born in Providence, R.I. in July of 1980, Pauly was raised with his mother, father, and younger half sister Briana. His hometown is in Johnston, R.I., a city of approximately 28,000 people. The city's population is composed mostly of whites, of which roughly half are Italian. Although Pauly D is most famously known for his role on one of MTV's most popular shows in history, Jersey Shore, he started out his career Djing. In fact, he landed his first job as a DJ at 16. He now has an impressive resume; he toured with Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj, is an exclusive resident DJ for The Palms Casino, has a Miracle Whip commercial, was voted second in People Magazine's “Sexiest Man Alive on Facebook” contest, and is about to come out with his own Ipad application. Moreover, his talent and fame have catapulted him into being one of the most sought after DJ's in the world. In the television industry, he has thus far completed 4 seasons on Jersey Shore and is set to start filming for his own spin-off show in 2012 where cameras will follow him as he DJ's across the globe.

Perhaps what has landed the R.I. native such success is his captivating personality. On the show, Pauly is known to be an upbeat, happy and friendly character always looking for the next way to look good and have a good time. In fact, he and his cast-mates even coined a now infamous term "GTL"--Gym, Tan, Laundry-- for their obsessive self-grooming habits. When he's not primping himself, Pauly is known for his playful personality and his infectious laugh. While filming, he is constantly playing practical jokes on his house-mates and creating new inside jokes that become popular American phrases. Pauly always seems to be a popular one among the cast-mates, rarely involved in fights or drama. Similarly, the ladies seem to like him as well; Pauly is infamous for bringing one or sometimes multiple girls home at the end of a night out. However despicable his behavior may sometimes be, it hasn't seemed to stop him from being one of the most famous stars out there in America today.

Psychoanalytic Approach

Alfred Adler was an influential psychologist in leading the psychoanalytic approach which proposed revisions to what Sigmund Freud had advocated. Unlike Freud, Adler posed that conscious strivings are just as important as unconscious motivation and that early recollections are the primary source of behavior. Particularly relevant to Pauly in this perspective is the idea of inferiority and superiority complexes. The inferiority complex involves exaggerated feelings of incompetence, causing an individual to feel it's impossible to achieve his/her goals and hopeless to try. Consequently, a superiority complex is a reaction to the inferiority complex, in which individuals act with exaggerated arrogance to compensate. Since he was at least in his teens, Pauly has "always had to be fresh," taking great care of his appearance and dedicating substantial time and energy to do so.

In an interview for MTV's show "When I was 17", Pauly gives insight to who he was as a teenager. "When I was 17, I had a little bit of OCD," Pauly says. "My closet was color-coordinated, my bed was made every single day, my pants had to have creases in them. I took a lot of time to get ready before school. The night before, I'd lay out my outfit that I was going to wear. Had to wake up early to take a shower, do my hair." This could indicate that he is trying to make up for something he believes he is lacking. If he feels inferior internally, the psychoanalytic approach says he will act in an opposite manner outwardly, displaying great pride and arrogance. Additionally, when he was 17 he bought a red and white '92 Honda CBR-600, against his mother's wishes, and thought it was "the coolest thing in the world". Moreover, the strivings to look physically superior and have and be surrounded by extravagant things could be an indicator of a superiority complex in Pauly.


Henry Murray's Personological System

Murray created a Personological System based on "needs" and "presses". The dynamic system focused on the interaction of internal needs and motives with environmental pressure. Furthermore, he outlined four main needs: Achievement, Affiliation, Power and Exhibition. A need for achievement is a strong yearning to succeed in tasks that are set out by society. A need for power is the wanting to seek positions and offices where one can exert control over others. A need for exhibition is the requirement to show one's self before others and to entertain, amuse, shock and excite others. Pursuing this further, Pauly seems to have a great need for affiliation. A need for affiliation means a desire to be close to and win the affection of others. Pauly's appearance and personality seem to be designed to lure people in. As aforementioned, he takes meticulous care of himself and is a perfect example of what many men strive to be and the type of man that many women are attracted to. He is tan, muscular, has gleaming white teeth, and perfect hair, and these are all things that require specific, directed effort to achieve. Pauly clearly seems to have a desire to be attractive.

Furthermore, Pauly has an infectious and inviting personality. He seems to always have a smile on his face, laughs frequently, and has an outrageously funny personality that he is not shy to show to strangers. He uses this personality to quickly win over housemates upon just meeting them, and form strong and intimate bonds with friends. In the same way, he captures the attention and hearts of girls and brings someone home almost every night he goes out. When he performs, some would say many are in attendance not for the music, but for Pauly. In conclusion, Pauly displays a variety of behaviors that indicate a desire to be close to others and win their affection. In fact, a case could be made that he has won the affection of a significant portion of the American population already.


DJ Pauly D may have a bit of an inferiority/superiority complex and a strong desire to please others. It is important to consider, however, that this analysis is all from speculation. In order to fully and accurately analyze anyone's personality, extensive counseling, expert knowledge, and a lot of time would be required. Since he has lived his life on TV for four seasons of a show, however, those who watch the show may only naturally be drawn to make such conclusions. But with all the other psychological problems one can develop his don't seem to be too harmful to his well-being.

His issues have driven him to move forward, pursue his dream, and he is now what many would consider a very successful man. He seems much happier than most the majority of the time, can use humor to overcome problems, has developed connections with others, and is doing what he always wanted to do as a career. DJ Pauly D may have some questionable "dating" practices, but other than that he seems like a decent guy. And it is of course always important to remember, you can't truly judge someone until you have a real, meaningful relationship with them.


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