Harry Potter
By Sung Jung

Harry Potter was born July 31st 1980 and is a brilliant half blood-wizard. He is the only child of James and Lily Potter. Unfortunately, James and Lily died soon after Harry was born due to the gruesome death caused by Lord Voldemort. In order to protect Harry from the imminent danger of Lord Voldemort, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore who is considered as the most powerful and wise wizard of the time places Harry in the hands of Petunia (Evans) Dursley. Petunia is the older sister of Harry mom who resented the capabilities of Lily ability to summon the magic even though Lily was a muggle (non-magical people). Harry is protected under the watchful eyes of Albus Dumbledore.
As Harry grows up under Dursley family nobody in Dursley family expects that Harry will go back to wizard world. When Harrys’ eleventh birthday Harry is invited to join the school of Hogwarts, a wizarding school designed to raise the wizard from all over the world. At this point Harry believed that his parents died with some sort of accident and he is shocked to find out that he is wizard. Rubeus Hagrid, the Hogwarts gamekeeper visits to give Harry an instruction what to do so that Harry is prepared for the school. As Harry grows up in the wizarding world he makes friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.
When the Lord Voldemort cast death spell on Harrys’ parents the spell backfired and diminished the power of Lord Voldemort. The Lord Voldemort and his followers (they are called death eaters and they despise muggles) realize that in order to gain full strength they need to murder Harry. When the death spell backfired the spell somehow connected Lord Voldemort and Harry. Harry, Ron, and Hermione soon discover the dangers and adventures that lie ahead of them could be deadly, but the three trios help each other in order to overcome the obstacles. At the end of long journey Harry loses many people including his only godfather and one of his friends. So many people have sacrificed their life to fight against the Lord Voldemort and his followers, but eventually Harry with the help of his friends’ finally triumphs the evil and bring peace into the wizarding world. Harry at the end marries Ron younger sister Ginny Weasley and lives happily after.

Trait and skill aspects of personality (Big Five)
I initially decide to asses Harry Potter based on the big five model, for the reason Harry takes the leadership role majority of the time. I know Harry has all the qualities to become a leader, but I would like to dig deeper using the big five model.
First, it is disappointing to say that harry slightly lacks the qualities of extraversion. Harry is very reserved and is afraid to try new things. Moreover, Harry does not take the initiative of starting new things. In the group setting, it is usually Hermione that takes the role of initiating and making plans for the group. Harry is more of an introvert which is the opposite of extravert. He is very quiet and does not have many friends. As an example, when people were cheering for Harry because he has won the Quidditch tournament (it is a wizarding world sports which involves brooms and flying) for the house Harry excuses himself and tries to be alone. Harry needs to be pushed to be in a social setting otherwise he is a type of person who will stay in his room by himself all day.
Second, even though Harry lacks the skills of leadership and is introvert he does not lack in his strength in agreeableness. He even makes peace with his arch rival Draco Malfoy who despises Harry Potter because Draco thinks that Harry got everything for granted. Harry is very compassionate toward everybody which he friends with thus people stand by him when Harry needs them. It was his agreeableness which gave Harry the strength to continue fighting against Lord Voldemort. Also Harry has a soft heart for his friends especially for Ron and Hermione. That does not mean Harry avoids the confrontation. He gently lets people know that he is angry in a way that it is not an insult because he cares about other people feeling.
Third, it is hard to decide whether Harry has strong conscientiousness or not because sometime Harry acts spontaneously and it puts him in a difficult spot where sometimes he is in danger. I have to admit that Hermione is the brain of the trios and organizes everything. It is usually either Harry or Ron who makes a mess and it is Hermione job to take care their mess. However, the unpredictability and spontaneous which Harry has sometimes bring good luck to Harry. As an example when Harry is in danger his quick thinking gets him out the danger. Harry thinks outside the box and is always thinking of new ways to break the challenge he faces.
Fourth, unfortunately harry shows some sign of bad neuroticism. Harry feels vulnerable and feels anxious when he is under pressure. It can be due to losing his mother and father at such young age and raise by very mean aunt and uncle. The role of parents is very important to the kids. Having stable family not only means that you have a safe place where you can lean on somebody when you need somebody to lean on but also it means there is someone who cares about you all the time. It is very depressing and unhealthy for the people not to have a stable family. Family is very important and kids like Harry really needs family not friend.
Fifth, Harry is very open to experience even though he is sometimes afraid to try new things. Harry could have easily refused to go to Hogwarts and stay at muggle world. Instead, Harry chooses to go to Hogwarts and embraces the danger he has to face. I rather say that Harry is more curious than have an open mind. In many occasions, Harry is in trouble or he puts himself into the situation where he is faced with the danger because Harry is curious about everything. I know Harry lived a dull life before he was invited to join the wizarding school, but that does not give him the right to go and look for the trouble.
It is wrong to judge people and categorize them based on some stupid theory that psychologists have come up, but it is fun to analyze people. For some reason, it enables us to understand an individual person better since we are looking deep into that persons’ personality.

Biological aspects of personality (Do Looks Reveal Personality?)
It is absurd to judge people based on their body types, but psychologist Sheldon have come up with three different types of personality based on people somatotypes. We can define people based on their somatotypes since our body can constantly change based on our life style, but we have to assume that there is some link between body types and personalities which we have.
The first one is theendomorphs, which is round type. In other words endomorphs are the people that are fat who love to eat lots of good food and have good time. They like to socialize with people and are good humored. Harry definitely is not Endomorphs since he is skinny and shy. Above all, Harry seems a bit distance from the reality and likes to be himself. I start to think that Harry is so into the role of being hero he puts distance with people that care about him. It is not healthy, but Harry doesn’t want his friend to get hurt.
The second somatotype is the mesomorphs, they are very athletic and are very active unlike endomorphs. According to mesomorphs, they are bold and they are very dominant. Also, the mesomorphs love to travel and outdoor activities. Surprisingly, Harry is very athletic even though he looks skinny and looks like a person who does not enjoy sports. His athletic ability is far beyond anybody’s expectation. Harry might not be as smart as Hermione, but he is athletic abilities are superb. I think Harry is using sports to take out the anger, anxiety, and all the negative energy that are inside him.
The last one is ectomorphs. These types of people are simply self-conscious, inhibited, anxious, artistic, and are emotionally restrained. Harry does not show any of these characteristics even though he is skinny. It looks like there is no link between somatotypes and the personality of individual person. People cannot be categorized because we are who we are and we can be whatever we want to be. Just because a person looks skinny or fat does not mean that the person is expected to behave in certain ways that are defined by psychologist.

Psychologists can come up with many ways of categorizing people. For some unknown reason people like to put things in order. I have attempted to asses Harry based on trait and skill aspects of personality (Big Five) and Biological aspects of personality (Do Looks Reveal Personality?), but I have come to conclusion that it is hard to analyze a person just using two perspective of personality. The interaction between two human takes far more complicated steps and understanding one person takes a long time. Also it is wrong to judge people based on the personality type.

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