Captain Jack Sparrow
By Kaila McCabe

Jack Sparrow is the son of Captain Edward Teague, Keeper of the codex, and was born onboard a ship in the middle of a typhoon, off the coast of India. He had various adventures as a teenager after running away from home at Shipwreck cove. When he was 25 he became employed by the East India Trading Company, and after some time in service as a first mate was given command of the Wicked Wench. After displeasing Beckett of the E.I.T.C. he was forced against his wishes to transport slaves. In response to this, Jack freed the slaves and was captured and branded as a pirate and had to watch his ship get destroyed. After escaping Beckett Jack made a bargain with Davy Jones to get his ship back, which he renamed the Black Pearl, and be its captain for 13 years in exchange for 100 years of servitude aboard the Flying Dutchman. Shortly after this Jack picked up a crew in Tortuga and set off to find the lost treasure of Cortez where his first mate Barbossa led a mutiny against him and left him stranded on an island. A couple days later as a group of rumrunners had come by and Jack was able to barter passage off the island. Years after this, Jack ran into one William Turner, and pretending to help him rescue his kidnapped love, used him to finally get revenge on Barbossa.
Once he had gotten his revenge, Jack went on in search of the heart of Davy Jones in an attempt to get out of the debt he owed, and to become immortal. It was this quest that lead him to be captured and taken by the Kraken to Davy Jones locker. Jack was eventually rescued by his friends and crew under the leadership of Captain Barbossa, and brought back to Shipwreck Cove for a meeting of the Pirate Lords, in response to Beckett bringing an armada to attack the pirate stronghold. During the chaos of the battles he was once again able to gain possession of the heart, but before he had a chance to stab it, his friend Will was mortally wounded and Jack instead saved him by forcing him to stab the heart.
After having lost his chance at immortality through the heart of Davy Jones, Jack then went on in search of the fountain of youth. This lead him into being conned onto the crew of Blackbeard's ship by an old flame Angelica, who happens to also be the daughter of Blackbeard. After the trials of having to gather the materials needed to perform the ritual needed to used the fountain of youth, Jack discover and entered the secret location containing the fountain of youth. Upon their arrival there, the Spanish showed up to destroy the fountain, and Barbossa came to kill Blackbeard in revenge for the death of his crew and the loss of his leg. Jack choose not to participate in the fighting, but came to the rescue when Angelica became mortally wounded and tricked Blackbeard into saving his daughters life. Fearing the wrath of Angelica, due to the loss of her father, and his fear of his feelings for her, he left her stranded on a island as he goes off with Gibbs with their pick of ships for the taking.
Perspective 1: Murray's Needs
One way to evaluate the personality of Captain Jack Sparrow is through the Trait and Skills approach, focusing on Murray's Needs. In this approach there are four basic needs that must be met, which are the Needs for Achievement, Affiliation, Power, and Exhibition. Captain Jack Sparrow rates high on the scale for Achievement. He displays this time and again with the goals he sets out for himself, and goes to any lengths to accomplish. The most obvious one come from the first movie, where Jack waits over 12 years to kill Barbosa, his first mate that started a mutiny against him and left him stranded on an island. Jack saved the pistol that was given to him on this occasion just to get revenge. This need is also shown in his desire to become immortal, which has resulted in many attempts, such as capturing the heart of Davy Jones, and his quest and discovery of the fountain of youth, and his constant escapes from authorities with his famous line "This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow."
His Need for Affiliation seems to lean kind of higher on the scale. Though he tends to seem like a loner, he needs a crew to fulfill his desire to be a captain of a ship. Besides his need for a crew, he shows that he cares for his friends Gibbs, Will and Elizabeth, which can be seen in the many times he saves them. Captain Jack Sparrow impersonated a judge in order to get Gibbs out of prison in Dead man's chest, starts of Pirates of the Caribbean by saving Elizabeth, and then after Will is mortally wounded by Davy Jones, Jack gives up a chance at immortality to save Will by forcing him to stab Davy Jones's heart. It is also displayed when Jack, attempting to flee the Kraken, goes back to the ship under attack to help save his friends.
Jack Sparrow also rates high on the Need for Power. This is most obvious in his need to be called Captain, even after his first crew committed mutiny and stole his ship. He needs to hold that title which signifies a position of power, even when he is lacking a ship or crew to hold power over. Another aspect of this need is his elaborate and wild schemes which require other people to often follow him blindly, giving Jack the most control in the situation. He also clearly shows this need in his persistent attempt to gain the heart of Davy Jones, which would give him full control over the seas as well as Davy Jones if he held it hostage, and full control and immortality if he were to stab the heart. He also rates high on the Need for Exhibition, which can be seen in his constant need for attention. He always draws the focus to him with grand escapes, which usually result in a mass of royal guards chasing him, and at least the partial destruction of his surroundings, such as can clearly be seen when he escapes Port Royal with the help of Will in the first movie. He ransacks the town, steals one ship that he disables, and then steals the ship that comes chasing him, effectively stopping the royal navy and allowing him to escape. This need is also portrayed in his making up of stories and exaggerations that he uses to impress people. One example of this is his constant bragging of his ship in order to gain the affection and attentions of ladies at Tortuga, and another is the story he made up of escaping being stranded on an island by roping together sea turtles, when in fact he was rescued by a merchant ship that passed by the island a couple days after he arrived.
Perspective 2: Big Five Traits
Another good way to evaluate the personality of Captain Jack Sparrow is through the Gordon Allport's Big Five Traits approach, which are believe to be the five basic aspects of personality. In this approach there are five basic traits are Extroversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness.
Jack rates high on the level of extroversion. He loves to be the center of attention and has been known to make up stories to build up his reputation. He is very sociable and is always trying to recruit new people into being on his crew, and trying to woo the women of Tortuga.
On the other hand Jack rates high on the levels of agreeableness, even though many times he seems to be low on this scale. He seems to have a habit of thinking of himself first and manipulating and using other people to meet his needs and get what he wants. This can be seen when Jack agrees to help Will get Elizabeth back after finding out what Will's name was because he knew the boy was needed in his attempt to get revenge on Barbossa. It also seems as if he would rate low as through the entire ordeal with Beckett trying to attack Shipwreck Cove as Jack keeps making deals with Beckett to get his freedom in exchange for leading him to the Pirate Lords. In reality he really is just the opposite. The whole reason he was labled as a pirate and on the bad side of the East India Trading Company is because he refused to carry people as cargo on his ship and freed the slaves he was being forced to transport. He attempted to flee the Kraken, but ended up turning back to help save his crew and friends which lead to him being attacked and brought to Davy Jones locker. Then the entire time he was dealing with Beckett to hand over Shipwreck Cove, Jack had a plan all set out to take out Beckett and Davy Jones. Finally after being forced by Blackbeard into finding the fountain of youth, Jack had the perfect chance once again to gain immortality and gave it up to save his old flame Angelica after she was the one that got him in the whole mess in the first place.
Captain Jack rates low on the scale of conscientiousness and neuroticism. He is a very spontaneous person and though he plans and schemes, a lot of his actions are him just going with the flow of the situation and making decisions as he goes along. He is eccentric and tends to do things that no one else would think of or expect which works to his advantage because it is hard to predict what his next move would be. This seems to have a tendency of upsetting his crew, which are known to randomly sail of in his ship, which is one of the few things that seems to upset Jack. Besides that slight problem he does not seem to be easily upset or stressed out, as he does well under pressure of battle which leads everyone else to look to him for guidance in such times. These traits also make him rate high on the scale of openness.

Captain Jack Sparrow has a very interesting personality when looked at using Murray and Gordon's approaches on analyzing personality. Looking at him based off of these approaches shows that Jack is a very complex person and that there is a lot more to him then there seems to be. At first glance it would be easy to mistake him for a dirty no good pirate, but when you look closer in regards to Murray's needs and Gordon's big five traits, it shows that he is a decent and sociable person with strong morals, and a high ambition to achieve his goals.

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